Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers' Book 2021

"It was amazing working with Year 6 for the short time we had together. Unfortunately, COVID took away our final 3 days together but I wish you all the best in your secondary schools and for the future!" - Mr Stubbs

We will really miss you and your wonderful teaching skills. As you leave the school, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope you will keep in touch with us from time to time. Miss Ruffle/ Mrs Langford was my favourite teacher. I will miss her very much. She was: kind, funny and short ( just like me!). I am so grateful that I got 2 excellent and experienced teachers like Mr Goldup and Mrs Langford to teach me and help my knowledge expand. I hope everyone stays safe and I will miss everyone! - Saumya 6R

Mr Goldup was a really good teacher and I will miss him. Darnell 6G

Year 6 was the best year of primary. Mr Goldup and Miss Ruffle (Mrs Langford) were the best teachers any year 6 student could ask for. Primary was amazing. I made lots of friends and the leavers production was a lot of fun and I will keep these Memories in my heart as a ‘tale as old as time’.- Muqaddas 6G

I loved when I was in year 6 and 4. It is a great school but unfortunately COVID made me not able to say goodbye to all the great teachers and friends. I have learnt so much and have had so many great memories there. - Riley N. 6G