Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Creativity Week!

Oasis Creativity Week!
Joseph Darnley

Oasis Creativity Week!

We hope the family are keeping well during these uncertain times. We thank you for everything you are doing at home to support your children with home learning, we appreciate how difficult this can be.

Oasis are introducing the first annual Oasis Creative Week. On Monday 22nd of June, Oasis want all academies to come together for a week of sharing great work from our pupils, celebrating as one.

We wish for you to share photos/videos on our Facebook page highlighting great examples of creativity from our pupils – whether they’re in school or at home.

Each day, starting from Monday 22nd June, a new post will be created on our Facebook page and you can publish a photo/video in the comments section showing the work your child/ren have produced. If you do not have access to our Facebook page, you can email class teachers the photos/videos via the year group emails.

We encourage you to use media that does not show your child’s face due to GDPR reasons but if you are publishing in the comments section on Facebook voluntarily, this is you consenting to the photos/videos being used on social media and we ask that you do not write full names and classes. If you are emailing your photos to class teachers, please state if you DO NOT wish for the media to be published on our social media platform.

Here are the themes for each day:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Writing

Thursday: Drama

Friday: Design Technology (food, woodwork, graphics)

Watch out for our first post on Facebook which will have the theme of Music! We are looking forward to seeing how creative our pupils can be! @oasisacademies #OasisCreativeWeek #OCW2020