Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Oasis Academy Short Heath we aim to promote maximum achievement and attainment for children with SEND. We promote an inclusive ethos where pupils with SEND have their needs met by paying particular attention to their views. We believe that all pupils should be equally valued at school. We strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination and to develop an environment where all pupils can flourish and feel safe. We are committed to inclusion.

We want all pupils with SEND to have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Pupils with SEN are not disapplied from any aspect of the curriculum which they are able to participate in. Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure pupils with SEND can participate in educational visits and residentials.

We respond to pupils in ways which take account of their varied life experiences and their academic and social needs. We are a non-selective Academy open to all pupils. Admissions at Oasis Academy Short Heath are coordinated by Birmingham City Council. Applications at any other time of the academic year are made directly to the Academy. Refer to the admissions section on the Oasis Academy Short Heath website for full details of how to apply.

If you wish to discuss your child’s needs please contact the SENCO, Mrs Hannah Tipper.
Contact email:
Telephone: 0121 373 6056

Disabled Access to the school

There are three accesses to the main school building which are suitable for wheelchair users. When entering by the front door it is necessary to then use the wheelchair lift to go down four stairs to the main corridor. The other two accesses do not require the use of the lift. All steps in the school are marked with yellow lines for visually impaired pupils, staff and visitors.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

There is an Oasis Complaints policy that is followed for any complaint.

Your complaint will be dealt with first by the Principal, Mrs Darnbrough.

If for any reason the complaint needs to be taken further, it will be dealt with by the Academy Council who will hold an investigation.

If the complaint was to continue after that, it would go to the Oasis Academy Director for the Midlands Area - Dr Herminder Channa.

You can receive a copy of the Academy’s complaints procedure from the academy office or on our policy page.

Our Commitment to Equality

Equality and inclusion are at the heart of Oasis. We have a passion to include everyone and a deep desire to treat everyone equally. We accept others for who they are and respect differences.

The Academy’s aim is to ensure that all its students achieve their full potential, regardless of differentiating needs. If a student has special educational needs or disability needs (SEND), the Academy will take every reasonable step to identify and meet them. Further information on the policy and provision for SEND can be obtained from the Academy. Students with SEND who do not have statements of special educational needs or an Educational Health Care Plan will be admitted on an equal basis with others in accordance with the Academy’s admissions policy.

Please read OCL's commitment to Equality by clicking on the following link