Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our Learning Environment

We equip each of our classrooms with the resources and technology our teachers need to ensure that your children are getting the most of their education with us. We believe that sensory learning and exploration is key to creating those long lasting memories, and helps consolidate the day's knowledge. 

We know that some of our children will be kinetic learners, they understand by doing, therefore we want to involved our pupils as much as we can in their lessons, by getting them involved in writing on the board and using learning resources digitally. 

Having a reading corner in our classrooms, and of course a fully equipped library, is important to us. Nothing can spark the imagination and creativity like getting lost in the world of literature and we want our young people to feel enthused by the possibilities of reading. We try to make these areas open and comfortable for our pupils. 

In our outside play area we have a variety of set ups designed to harbour creative playtimes.  

Learning Resources

We want to share what we are teaching your child with you. It takes a community to help raise a child well, and we believe that in working with our parents and carers we can ensure that each child is getting the opportunities they deserve to consolidate their learning and take it with them as they grow up. 

All new learning resources will be shared with you each week for you to use with your young ones over the weekends. You can also find tip sheets and learning resources here on our for inspiration. 

Maths at home   Suitable spellings per year group   Creative writing at home   KS2 SATs resource directory     Appropriate Level Books      Recipes to do together


Here at Oasis Academy Short Heath we value all of the support you give your children at home. To help you in this process, we have provided a series of useful links to maths games and also support videos that you can watch with your child to explain the methods that we teach in school. These videos will enable you to support your child with their homework. We hope you find these links useful.