Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Remote Learning

The information shared on this page is designed to support parents and students to understand the remote learning offer at our academy. What is expected of the academy, what is expected of the students, and how it all works. More in-depth detail has been provided to parents throughout the year through letters home and news updates, however, this page serves as a reminder of key points.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with your class teacher via the class dojo channels or year group emails outlined below.


Showbie is used within our school as a way to upgrade our classrooms and eliminate the need for paper to be used as often as it use to be. With Showbie, we are able to bring lessons and homework to life in many ways.

Share Anything:

We can instantly distribute documents, images, instructions and comments to the entire class, a group of students, or individual students.

Photos and Videos:

Children can grab an image or video from their camera roll, or capture a document on the fly with their device’s camera, then crop and adjust it in Showbie.

Teacher Comments, Links and Voice Notes:

Teachers can quickly add instructions, guidance, or links to assignments. They can even record a voice note with verbal instructions for students.

Class Folders:

Your child's assignments will be well organised with folders within the Showbie class, keeping things easy to find.

This is only a small amount of the amazing things we can do with Showbie. Click here to take a look at more features and to find tutorial videos on how to use the app.


ClassDojo is used School Wide, from Nursery to Year 6, to create a secure communication platform that teachers and families can use every day by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom and home through photos, videos, and messages. It has a reward component and a communication system. It is secure and personalised to our school and provides information in an easy to use format similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Mr Stubbs is our ClassDojo Mentor here at Oasis Academy Short Heath. He has all the knowledge and help that you may need when using ClassDojo. If you would like to get in contact for ClassDojo Support, message Mr Stubbs on ClassDojo by going to your messages then choosing 'Oasis Academy - Short Heath' as the person/teacher you would like to message.

ClassDojo Portfolios are your child's digital portfolio that allow your child to share classwork with their teachers and family!  Families can add to their child's portfolio using their ipad devices. Teachers can view and approve student work on Portfolios using any school device. Pupils can create and upload photos, videos, drawings, and journal entries through ClassDojo, and can also upload Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and image files. Parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or comments.

Stories are instantly updating streams of messages, pictures and videos similar to a Twitter-style timeline. Every class and school has their own Story, all of which are shared home with parents. School Story helps teachers to share with all families connected to their school while Class Story helps teachers to share with all families connected to their class.

Messages allow teachers and parents to instantly message each other, without needing to share phone numbers or contact details. Messages can be translated into 35 different languages, and "Quiet Hours" lets teachers set away times so parents know when they are not available. Messages sent out of hours will not be seen by the teacher until the next working day.

What does this mean for you as a parent?

Connecting with your child's teacher on ClassDojo will allow you to do the following:

  • Review Class Dojo points your child receives
  • Safely message with your child's teacher
  • View, like, and comment on the pictures and/or videos that your child's teacher posts to Class Story
  • View, like, and comment on the pictures, videos, text entries, and/or drawings that your child or child's teacher post to your child’s Portfolio
  • View whole-school news posted to School Story

You will receive a unique email that will allow you to connect to your child’s class and teacher. Once you have created a parent account, teachers will be able to send you a unique code or link for your child’s account that will give them access to a pupil account, their Portfolio and Class Story.

Please note: email invites may only be used to create a parent account on the web. Once the account is created, you can access it on both the website and the app.

Important things to remember

  • Class Dojo - Oasis Short Heath, is only available to parents and children registered at the school.
  • Parents are reminded that they should not take images from Class Dojo and post them elsewhere online.
  • The messaging system can be used to keep in contact with your child's teacher about learning and any ClassDojo related topics. If you have any serious concerns please contact the school via
  • Parents can message teachers, however a response will only be given during school hours, Monday-Friday, as the rest of the time teachers are set on ‘quiet hours’.
  • If Parents have a query in the morning, they can message their class teachers between 8.45-9.15. Teachers can respond to your questions during this time.

Sending Teachers your children's work via Class Dojo

Please watch the following video tutorial on how to send class teachers your children's work via Class Dojo. Teachers can then see the work children have produced and they will also be able to respond with feedback.

Class Dojo How to Guide

Please find below the emails to send work to:

The Remote Curriculum

Remote teaching and study time

Accessing the remote education

Engagement and feedback

Additional support for pupils with particular needs

Self-isolating pupils (outside of national lockdowns)

Year groups