Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our curriculum at Oasis Academy Short Heath is broad and vibrant. From Nursery to Year 6, the curriculum is taught through cross-curricular themes and projects.

We prioritise teaching Maths, English and phonics in well-structured lessons, which incorporate a strong emphasis on speaking and listening and promoting critical thinking and problem solving.

Developing a love of reading is central to our curriculum and often each of our topics has a high quality book or text at the heart of it. Our Accelerated Reader programme allows children to develop their reading stamina and comprehension skills.

We are guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum, however, each theme will begin with an exciting hook to grab the children’s attention and immerse them in their learning. We work hard to bring each theme alive for the children by using enrichment experiences, school trips and class assemblies.

At Oasis Academy Short Heath, we believe that all our children should be given the chance to experience things first hand. We have developed strong links with the local community to allow for these opportunities.

Science and computing are taught in Years 1-6 every week.  Computing is an essential part of everyday teaching and learning and is an integral part of our curriculum. The children have daily access to interactive whiteboards, laptops and ipads for research purposes and to enhance their learning.

A modern foreign language is taught in Key Stage 2, at present this is French.

Children in Key Stage 1 have a half-termly rotation of History, Geography, Art and D.T. Year 1 and 2 have a Music session each week taught by a music teacher from the Music Services.

Children in Key Stage 2 have a half-termly rotation of History, Geography, Swimming, Music, Art and D.T. This allows for the skills of each subject to be taught effectively and for these skills to be used by our children independently. In addition to this, Year 4 have weekly clarinet and fife lessons delivered by the Music Services.

All children have weekly P.E sessions to cover the National Curriculum aspects of dance, gymnastics, games and outdoor activities. A healthy lifestyle is promoted through P.E. and linked with other aspects of the curriculum. Alongside this, the children have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs including football, martial arts and hockey. A selection of clubs operate at different times throughout the year.

As part of our outdoor education, our children take part in Forest Schools. This allows children to learn team building, fire safety and survival skills. 

We ensure that Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural experiences are enhanced throughout our curriculum by following the 9 Habits, Successful Learners and our new equality programme ‘No Outsiders’.

We value every individual child and through our curriculum promote a respect for a diverse culture. We include learning opportunities, which will include the interests of each child and what is happening in the world around them; we believe this will prepare and guide them well for life as respectful citizens in the future.

Our curriculum reflects a variety of annual events and themed weeks such as National Science Week, World Book day and Religious celebrations.

If you would like to get more information about the Academy's Curriculum please contact Mr Darnley - Deputy Principal on 0121 373 6056 or email


Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Please find below some important information and documents about our approach to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Legislation which will be built into our curriculum.

  RSE Policy Jigsaw- Information for parents and carers

Find out what your children are learning!

We provide curriculum overviews to our parents, so that you can be in-the-know about what your child is learning at school each term. This is also helpful for home learning and prompted conversation. 

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