Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We offer your child and family a guarantee to learn an essential life skill and knowledge that could save their life!

At Oasis Academy Short Heath we are putting extra money aside for swimming in the Academic Year 2021/22.

This will allow ALL our children in KS2 to have access to 10 HOURS of swimming lessons- delivered by a fully qualified swimming teacher.

This academic year we are also going to reach down to Year 2- The whole of Year 2 will have 5 HOURS each of swimming lessons delivered by a fully qualified swimming teacher.

We want to encourage swimming to be a family activity- so this year we are going to trial the adult and child experience- learning together and developing a life long love of swimming and respect for the water.

In Year 1 in the summer term we will be giving a similar opportunity to the children and their adult to gain water confidence, so that over the Summer Holidays they can have the confidence to visit the pool as a family and be ready to fully engage on their journey to learn to swim in Year 2.

By extending swimming down to Year 1 we will not only develop an ‘Academy love for swimming’ but also enable families to have opportunities that they may not have experienced so that as a family they can enjoy and achieve at swimming.


Evidence of impact - Academic Year 2020/21

We trialled extra swimming sessions from April 2021. The reason for this was because so much swimming was lost due to Covid.


We have achieved our greatest number of children swimming 25m+ in the history of the academy.

86% of Year 6 (51 children) are fully competent and confident and able to swim at least 25m on their front and back.

The remaining 8 children can ALL swim ranging from 5m -20m.

Before extra sessions only 63% of Year 6 children could swim25+m with 8 children unable to swim and afraid of the water.

Post Booster Sessions- an extra   hours of swimming


14%-between 5m and 20m


Why such an impact?

·       Allocated extra money from the academy budget.

·       Value swimming as an essential life skill

·       Invest in ensuring that we have 2 fully qualified swimming teachers on pool side.

·       Have fully qualified staff members to teach swimming in addition to the pool teachers.

·       Parents support the academy in the quick turnaround of fresh swimming kit (Wednesday and Thursday swimming lessons)

·       We go twice weekly- total of 2 hours of quality swimming instruction.

·       Pupils feel safe and able to achieve in the leisure centre environment.

A big thank you to Erdington Leisure Centre for helping to make this happen!