Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Assessment and Special Needs

Throughout their time with us, your child will be monitored by their teachers and support staff to ensure that we are providing them with everything they need to hit their targets. What this means at Nursery level, is that we want to help your children blossom socially, and to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for them to achieve at KS1 and KS2.

During the first term, the EYFS teaching team in Nursery work together to assess the ability of each pupil using observations and activities. These assessments allow us to identify patterns of attainment within the cohort, to adjust the teaching program for individual and/or groups of children. This first /baseline assessment also considers any other records we receive from previous pre-school settings, parents, and childminders.

The Foundation Stage Profile is the nationally employed assessment tool that enables teachers to record their observations at the end of the pupils’ Foundation Stage, and to summarise their progress towards the Early Learning Goals. It covers each of the seven areas of learning contained in the curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

We record each child’s level of development against the 17 areas of learning onto itrack. To do this, we age band the child’s level of development across the 17 areas of learning and then we enter whether they have achieved some, most of or all the criteria. Using this information, we can then analyse which children are on track to be Emerging, Expected or Exceeding the Early Learning Goals by the end of the Reception Year.

Observations and assessment of each individual pupil is also on going with the information gained used to ensure that future planning reflects identified needs. The class teachers at Little Explorers have weekly planning meetings to discuss each child and ways to adapt the provision to address learning needs. 

Assessment in the Foundation Stage takes the form of both formal and informal observations and activity outcomes. It includes teacher and teacher assistant knowledge of the pupils and photographic evidence. Assessment is completed regularly. The collection of assessment data in the Foundation Stage Profile is a statutory requirement. 

Assessment data is recorded in the children’s maths books or Learning Journey’s. These progress books contain a wide range of evidence that we share with parents at each parental consultation meeting. At the end of the final term of a pupil’s Nursery Year we send a summary of these assessments to Oasis Learning Community. We also keep a copy of the individual and cohort assessments for school analysis. We share this information at parental consultation meetings and in the end-of-year report. 

The end-of-year report therefore offers the outcomes of children’s learning as emerging, expected or exceeding the end of year expectations. There is also a space for general comments about the child’s character, effort, and achievements.  These end-of-year reports are completed in the Summer term and are sent to parents before the end of the school year.
If we ever have any concerns, we will of course arrange a meeting with parents or carers at the first instance, as transparency is key to a great partnership. 

Noticing Special Education Needs

We have a full Equality and Diversity Policy and Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy which all staff strongly believe in. We will do our very best to admit any child whose parents/carers wishes them to attend the Pre-school. Staff are willing to undertake the necessary training if possible and are happy to work with other agencies to support any child and their family.

Please speak to the Nursery lead, who is also the Academy SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator) to discuss any individual needs, and we will do all we can to accommodate you.