Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Cosy Coats

Cosy Coats is a fledgling charity which works within the local community to help provide children with coats.

Mark Goodall and Neil Goldup are the founders of Cosy Coats and are working in partnership with Oasis Academy Short Heath and the Short Heath Hub.

The idea for Cosy Coats came from incidents that happened to my mum when she was small.

Both my parents were from very working class backgrounds and putting food on the table was the primary and often immediate concern for my grandparents. Because of this, there was very little money spare. One day, my mum’s school requested that each child should bring to school a science set to use in science classes. My mum lay awake at night worrying that she wouldn’t be able to afford the science set needed. My grandmother cooked just potatoes for the family meal each day for a whole week to save the money to buy that science set – this was one of many occasions where the family went hungry to afford what was needed for school.
I have been inspired by my mum to create this fledgling charity to fill each child with pride and self esteem, as well as providing warmth. 

-Mark Goodall