Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


As a means of recognising positive behavior, building cohesiveness and providing a competitive element between our students, we have a House system in place. 

Short Heath Academy Houses

Every child at Oasis Academy Short Heath is a member of a house - St George, St Andrew, St David or St Patrick.

Our house groups are used for a variety of purposes, including PE lessons, sports days, competitions and of course to create a sense of identity and community within the school. Siblings are placed in the same house teams when possible. 

We hold termly house meetings and house assemblies to promote the house family ethos. We also use our house system as a way of delivering awards and positive reinforcement for good behaviour. 

  • House points are awarded to individual children in recognition of achievements linked to good work, good behaviour or individual achievement. 
  • House points are collected weekly by monitors.
  • The results are shared by the House Captains in the Friday celebration assembly and a trophy awarded to the winning house.
  • Each half term the weekly winners are collated and the winning house has a special extra play with additional equipment.