Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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We love our Nursery and we consistently try to maximise the learning potential in all our learning areas.

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Our children can explore and enjoy our outdoor area, with climbing apparatus, a bike track, a playhouse, water play area, sand building and a mud kitchen area (don't worry, we have aprons!)

 Inside you can find a dramatic play area, a malleable area, a mark making and fine motor skills area, an understanding of the world area, a maths area, a construction corner, an arts and crafts, sand and water play area and a cosy home corner.  You will also see that we have a calm reading corner for your child to sit and read. Our library is constantly being updated with donations from organisations and parents, so there are always plenty of choices of books for our staff to read with your children. 

We ensure that all our play areas are kept safe and clean. The toys and resources provided are all in line with what we teach in the EYFS curriculum and latest research in child development. 

Every week we study a new story which fits into our topic so every week we change all the activities around the building. This ensures our children can read for enjoyment and educational achievement. Our expectations are high, and our children consistently seek to meet them. Our children are never bored as they are continuously challenged to learn in a safe, stimulating, and engaging environment.

We have toilets and changing facilities on site.