Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Nursery team

Mrs Hasan

Hello everyone, my name is Mrs Hasan. I am the Nursery teacher. I have over 10 years experience working in Early Years settings and have developed a passion of assisting children's learning by creating an environment that thrives to develop their individual independence.  The excitement and curiosity that they bring to everything they do is what I love the most. I have a keen interest in how children learn and develop. I am a big believer in nurturing children, thinking of creative ways to teach them and helping them to learn through play. I enjoy leading an enthusiastic team to ensure we provide all our children with high quality experiences and opportunities that enables them to flourish.

Miss Wanty

Hello! My name is Miss Wanty and I am the lead Teaching Assistant, Fire Marshal and First Aider at work.

I have worked at the Nursery for many years, and I absolutely love it!

It's my job to work closely with the class teachers and Nursery team to make sure that all of the children under our care are reaching their milestones, and parents are happy with the developments being made.

As part of my role, I help to ensure that all our children enjoy coming to school. I play a large role in enabling our environment, so our children have plenty of opportunities to be curious, play, problem solve and learn while having fun. I help to ensure that our children actively contribute towards making the setting buzz by supporting, showcasing, and praising their purposeful learning outcomes.

You can find me at Little Explorers every day, ready to welcome your child by name, with a warm smile, letting them know we are so pleased to see them.

Miss Taylor

Hi there, my name is Miss Taylor and I am one of the highly skilled support workers here at Little Explorers.

I have worked within EYFS for over 9 years now, and I would not want to work anywhere else.

It is my role to support the children in all ways possible and I embrace this! Nothing quite compares to the challenges you have in teaching Nursery children where you must adopt several different roles, from friend, to teacher to caregiver.  The children make every day special and being in a position to help the children or their parents or carers out gives me a real sense of purpose. 

I excel in supporting children with their Speech and Language skills and I have the responsibility of delivering the Speech and Language targets for our children as set by our school Speech and Language therapist or SENDCo Team.

You can find me at the academy every day, so if you have any questions, please just ask! 

Miss Sanders

Hi everyone, my name is Miss Sanders and I am one of the highly skilled Support Staff. I work alongside the Nursery Team and focus on supporting the 30 hour funded provision children during their carpet sessions.

I love working in Nursery where you can embrace your inner child and support the children across all areas of learning, from self-care to writing their name or answering number problems.

Day-to-day I work to support the children with their learning and development to help ensure that they are where they should be physically, socially, and emotionally. 

I only started at the Nursery this year, but I already feel so settled in as part of the family - and I can certainly see why the other members of my team have stayed so long! I love helping to set up new experiences for our children and working hard to re-develop play areas to push boundaries and challenge our kids to learn new things.  

You can find me at the academy every day, so please return my warm smile if you see me!