Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Achievement

At Oasis Academy Short Heath we want our pupils to enjoy learning, make great progress and achieve exceptional outcomes. In order to do this we use a range of methods to determine what each individual student does well and develop the areas they need to improve upon.

Our lessons are planned carefully to take into account the strengths and the developmental areas of every student in order to enable them to progress in each subject. In addition to the assessment for learning that take place in class, we report formally to parents and carers throughout the year feeding back information about progress and attainment in every subject as well as important learning information such as attendance, home learning, effort and next steps.

We operate a points system at Oasis Academy Short Heath, rewarding children for good behaviour or academic achievement. Pupils and Houses are recognised in Friday assembly and a trophy is awarded to the winning house. 

It is important for us to celebrate our pupils' achievements and give them a sense of competency. Helping our children develop holistically and feel confident in their education is at the heart of our academy life.