Who's Who

Paul Tarry - Regional Director (Midlands)

Paul joined the Oasis family of Academies in 2013 as Principal of Oasis Academy Hobmoor. During his time as Leader at Hobmoor he also worked as an Executive Principal and Lead Principal for Oasis.

Prior to working for Oasis, Paul was a Headteacher and had worked in leadership positions around the country (under 4 different Local Authorities). He was privileged to be part of leadership teams that took two schools to outstanding.

Along with the CEO, and Heads of Services, as Regional Director (RD), Paul oversees educational policy and practice, the standards required by the DfE and Ofsted, the accounting of public money entrusted to OCL for the purposes of education, ICT, human resources, governance and strategic development in 8 Academies in the Midlands.

Paul is the direct line manager for each Principal in the Midlands.  Through this line management, he holds each Principal to account - a model which provides professional scrutiny.  As RD, Paul is responsible for undertaking a performance review of the Principal annually together with the Chair of the Academy Council.


Mrs Catherine Preece - Chair of Academy Council

"My name is Catherine Preece and I have been a governor / academy councillor at Oasis Academy Short Heath for five years.

I have always lived locally to Oasis Academy Short Heath and I work within the public sector.   

My association with Oasis Academy Short Heath started when my son was in Year 2 at School and in 2009 I became a school governor, when the school became an academy I requested to stay on as an academy councillor. 

One of my roles as an academy councillor is to visit and liaise with the phase leaders in key stage 1 and to relay information and feedback to the academy council. 

My aims for Oasis Academy Short Heath are the same as my fellow councillors and Oasis, to provide the best opportunity for the children to learn and to fulfill their potential in a happy, safe and comfortable environment and to make Oasis Academy Short Heath an outstanding Academy.  We are also committed to supporting the local community.  

I believe that every child should have the opportunity to shine at Oasis academy Short Heath and by being involved I feel I can contribute and also bring forward issues and concerns of other parents." 


Mrs H Jim - Elected Parent

"My name is Helen Jim and I've recently joined the Academy Council as a parent Academy Councillor. I've lived in Birmingham for 18 years and have 2 daughters. My eldest daughter attends the Academy and is in Year 2.

I'm currently a stay at home mum, but have previously worked as a schools worker with a charity as well as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school. After this I became a Speech Therapy Assistant at the Children's Hospital and then I worked in a children's centre.

In my spare time, I enjoy singing and music. I am also actively involved with my local church.

I have a passion for helping children with speech,  language and communication needs and I'm excited about working alongside the teachers, parents and children in this role."


Mrs Michelle Lee - Principal

"I am very proud to be the Principal and Lead at Oasis Academy Short Heath.

I came to Short Heath in September 2007 as the Deputy Head and was appointed substantive Head Teacher in September 2010.

Since graduating from University of Birmingham in 1991 I have taught in three Birmingham schools prior to joining the Short Heath team.

My vision is to lead Oasis Academy Short Heath to be the hub of the local community being judged to be at least a good school, with families making us their first choice for educating their children.

I am married with two children and live in Birmingham.  I have a personal passion for sport and the many benefits it can bring to children and their overall development.  This importance is reflected as a priority in our Academy."


Mrs Caroline East Goodman - Elected Support Staff

"My name is Caroline East-Goodman and I have been a council member since 2010. I have four children of my own all of which have attended our Academy.  My personal routes also lie firmly within the community as I have resided here for the majority of my life.  This has afforded me the joy to have positive relations with the wider community including parents and carers also involved in the Academy ethos.

As well as being an active member of your Academy Council I am an Oasis Academy Short Heath Nursery Keyworker.  Prior to my formal appointment at Nursery I completed two years of voluntary work in the Nursery and also supported the school by being a Parent Governor.

My main focus regarding the academy is to ensure the best possible opportunities are available for the Foundation Stage children to develop their learning and exploration.

Additionally I am also a representative for the support staff within the school.

All children should be given every available opportunity to reach their full potential and at Oasis Academy Short Heath I feel we are achieving this."


Mrs Hannah Tipper – Academy Council/ Teaching Staff

"It is a wonderful privilege for me to be a staff Academy Councillor at Oasis Academy Short Heath. Working with a team of extremely talented, passionate and dedicated leaders and teachers confirms to me that we are one of the best schools in the area, if not the country! All our teachers work with boundless love, enthusiasm and energy to make school life a truly positive and fun experience for all pupils. It is my aim to support, encourage and develop the pedagogy within our school further so we can do the very best possible for the children and their carers or families within our care."


Revd.Ruth Souter - Academy Sponsor

"My name is Ruth Souter and I am vicar to two churches in the area, St Margaret’s Short Heath and St Martin’s Perry Common. I came here from Leicester over 8 years ago and have been involved with the school since then. I grew up and lived all my life in Braunstone, a council estate in Leicester, and was a mum (3 boys all over 20) and a foster mum before training to be a vicar in later life.

Apart from the usual Academy Council meetings and coming to special events at the school I enjoy being able to take the school assembly once in a while and it’s a pleasure to host class visits to my church and in recent years welcoming both children and their parents for the Christmas Carol Service.

I love the cheerful, ‘can do’ attitude of Oasis Academy Short Heath and the way the staff encourage the children to do their best and keep pushing those boundaries to fulfill their full potential. But every child is valued not just for what they can do but for who they are and that is so important in giving the children confidence stand up and be themselves – unique, precious individuals – and to grow into  positive active members of the community.

Being an Academy Councilor fits beautifully with my work in the church and the community and I love it when I get a chance to renew and develop relationships that link all those together. Please do feel free to contact me about any issues, especially to do with school and I will be happy to help."


Mr Roger Sargent - Academy Sponsor

"My name is Roger Sargent and I have been a governor / academy councillor at Oasis Academy Short Heath for about four years.

I live locally, about 5 minutes walk from the academy.  I worked as a heavy goods vehicle driver until 2009 when I took voluntary/early retirement.

My association with Oasis Academy Short Heath started when I was invited to do some vegetable gardening with Year 4 and as I am a volunteer schools visitor for the RSPB I started doing the “Big School Bird Watch” with Year 3 and I have been doing the same every year since.

In 2010 I was invited to become a school governor.  When the school became an academy I decided to stay on as an academy councillor.  

One of my roles as an academy councillor is to liaise with the Pupil Leadership Team.  This is a group of students from, Years 2 to 6 voted for by their classmates to represent them on the academy council.  My role is to sit in on their meetings with Mrs Cotterill and to then relay information/feedback to the academy council.                                                         

My aims for Oasis Academy Short Heath are the same as my fellow councillors and Oasis, and that is to give the best opportunity for the children to learn and to fulfil their potential in a safe and comfortable environment and to make Oasis Academy Short Heath an outstanding Academy.  We are also committed to supporting the local community.                                        

I am a regular visitor to the academy and if you see me and have any questions about the academy council and what we do please do not hesitate to ask."


Mrs Angela Watson – Academy Sponsor

"For many years my background has been in Training and Project Management for Birmingham City Council.

I look forward to a bright and inspired year with the Academy."