Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Who's Who

Paul Tarry - Regional Director (Midlands)

Paul joined the Oasis family of Academies in 2013 as Principal of Oasis Academy Hobmoor. During his time as Leader at Hobmoor he also worked as an Executive Principal and Lead Principal for Oasis.

Prior to working for Oasis, Paul was a Headteacher and had worked in leadership positions around the country (under 4 different Local Authorities). He was privileged to be part of leadership teams that took two schools to outstanding.

Along with the CEO, and Heads of Services, as Regional Director (RD), Paul oversees educational policy and practice, the standards required by the DfE and Ofsted, the accounting of public money entrusted to OCL for the purposes of education, ICT, human resources, governance and strategic development in 8 Academies in the Midlands.

Paul is the direct line manager for each Principal in the Midlands.  Through this line management, he holds each Principal to account - a model which provides professional scrutiny.  As RD, Paul is responsible for undertaking a performance review of the Principal annually together with the Chair of the Academy Council.

Mrs Catherine Preece - Hub Council

My name is Catherine Preece and I have always lived locally to Oasis Hub Short Heath and I currently work within the public sector as a Manager.

My association with the Oasis Hub Short Heath started when my son was in Year 2 at Oasis Short Heath Academy and I have volunteered ever since then. Firstly as a Governor then as an Academy Councillor and now Chair of the Hub Council at Oasis Short Heath.

My roles as member of Oasis Hub Short Heath Council is to link with the local community and build upon this.

My aims for Oasis Hub Short Heath Council are the same as my fellow members and Oasis, to provide the best opportunity for the community to discuss, reflect and become actively involved in supporting their education in their community.

Mrs Michelle Lee - Principal

"I am very proud to be the Principal and Lead at Oasis Academy Short Heath.

I came to Short Heath in September 2007 as the Deputy Head and was appointed substantive Head Teacher in September 2010.

Since graduating from University of Birmingham in 1991 I have taught in three Birmingham schools prior to joining the Short Heath team.

My vision is to lead Oasis Academy Short Heath to be the hub of the local community being judged to be at least a good school, with families making us their first choice for educating their children.

I am married with two children and live in Birmingham.  I have a personal passion for sport and the many benefits it can bring to children and their overall development.  This importance is reflected as a priority in our Academy."

Deit Briggs - Hub Council

My name is Deit Briggs. I am 70 years old but I only feel 30. I am currently mentoring my three grandchildren ages 6. 61/2 and 8 years old. I am a yoga mindfulness teacher and have been for the past two years. I have been involved with the Academy in one way or another for the past 3 years. I enjoy very good health and healthy eating. I have a zest for life and all others around me, I am at peace with myself and try to pass that peace on to everybody I encounter.

George Amakor - Hub Council

Dr George Amakor has a PhD in Sociology from Aston University where he researched how families and churches react towards unmarried pregnancy and unmarried young mothers. He is a lecturer, youth mentor and life coach. His interests are in young peoples’ development, community capacity building and the eradication of poverty through education.

(Deacon) Rachel Thomas-Prasad - Hub Council

I am a Methodist Minister committed to working in the community. As a Deacon I feel called to build bridges between the church and the community as and such I am excited about the opportunity for me to be involved in the Oasis Hub and being part of the group to develop ways for the hub to serve and meet the needs of the community.

I have been a Primary School teacher for nine years prior to becoming a Methodist Minister, which I currently in my eleventh year. With one of my own children at Oasis Academy I look forward to being part of the hub committee and finding ways for us all to work together for the good of all.

Christopher Lyons - Hub Council

I am a dad of two boys that attend Oasis Academy Short Heath
The reason  I came to be on the council of the Hub Is that I wish to do good, for all the children, our community and and our families in the community. To let everyone know we are all here, here to help in any way to bring joy and happiness.